Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Auckland – Tips For Selecting The Right One

Are you searching for some useful tips that will help you to select the right professional carpet cleaning company to remove stains, freshen-up your carpets, or at the end of a tenancy? If so, this guide is going to shed some light on the subject and ultimately help you to hire the right team for the job so let’s get straight to it.

First of all, to find a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland, you search for your chosen carpet cleaning company online to see if you can find any customer feedback that’s been written about them. For example, you may be able to find reviews on websites such as Facebook or Google, where past customers have written up their thoughts and experiences about the services offered by a professional carpet cleaning company in Auckland.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure the carpet cleaning company has the required licensing and insurance policies in place before you make the decision to hire them. This shouldn’t be difficult information to find, as most companies will proudly display this information on their website or advertising. Of course, if you can’t find this information, then you may want to ask them for these details over the phone when you first make contact with them.

Another key aspect of running an effective carpet cleaning company will be to ensure all of the staff are trained to the highest levels, which ultimately ensures plenty of happy customers. With this in mind, it’s smart to pay attention to the industry training and certifications that your chosen company has to offer. In general, you’ll want to look for a recognized qualification in fabric and upholstery cleaning, along with any specialized knowledge you may like to see, such as a rug cleaning certification or similar.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in AucklandOnce you have uncovered all of these boring yet essential details, it’s a good idea to have a phone conversation with the company and get a better sense of what services they have to offer. Keep in mind that carpet cleaning isn’t necessarily a simple process, and there are several important steps that need to take place in order to do an effective, professional grade job.

You’ll want to ask about the five key essentials of carpet cleaning, which involves dry removal (which usually means vacuuming), soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, and drying. As you’d expect, each of these components is essential to the process of carpet cleaning, and if your chosen company happens to leave one of these steps out, then it may be important to learn more about why this is the case.

Of course, you need to know what the price is likely to be for the service as well, and this is an important metric you can use when it comes to comparing all of the different carpet cleaning services in your area.

However, it’s not always best to shop purely based on price, as there’s something to be said for experience and expertise. But at the end of the day, you will be the final judge of who you hire and let into your home, so if you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to make a great decision.


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The Reasons Why You Need A North Shore Plumber For Bathroom Renovations

North Shore bathroom renovations plumberIf you are going to renovate your bathroom, you need to consider hiring a plumber.  There are a number of professionals that you should consider hiring for your renovation including electricians and plumbers.  There are a number of reasons why you need to consider hiring a North Shore plumber for bathroom renovations.

Moving The Plumbing Around

A lot of people decide to move their plumbing around when they renovate their bathroom.  While this is not recommended, it can increase the space of the bathroom and the aesthetic appeal.  If you are going to be moving your plumbing, you should consider hiring a plumber.  Large movements of the plumbing will require additional piping to be placed and the existing plumbing in the bathroom will need to be moved.

This is something that needs to be done carefully and should be completed by a professional west Auckland or North Shore plumber for bathroom renovations.  A plumber will have the tools and knowledge to ensure that all the pipes are correctly placed and that the system will work correctly.  They will also be able to ensure that there are no leaks which could cause major problems in the long-run.

The Plumbing Regulations

Any building renovation will need to comply with building regulations.  These regulations are often changing and a professional plumber will know what the plumbing regulations are in regards to drainage, and the toilet plumbing.  As they understand the regulations they can ensure that your renovations are done correctly and will be in line with these regulations.  This is important as when you come to sell the property, the buyer’s lawyer will argue that the renovations are not to code and can therefore negotiate a lower price on your home.

The Use Of Non-Standard Materials

If you are going to be using non-standard materials for your bathroom renovations such as stone tiles or spa baths you should consider hiring a plumber.  A qualified plumber will have experience dealing with these non-standard materials and fittings. The experience that they have will ensure that there are no problems with the materials.

Understand The Problems That Could Arise

Albany bathroom renovations plumberWhen completing a bathroom renovation, there are certain things that could go wrong.  These problems are generally ones that you cannot account for or prepare for.  Professional plumbers who have completed a number of renovations will be able to handle these problems when they arise.  They will also be able to take steps to ensure that the problems do not arise at all.

Saving You Time On Your Bathroom Renovation

One of the primary reasons why you should hire a plumber is the amount of time it will save you.  Doing the plumbing for your renovation yourself could save you money, but it will take you longer than a professional.  The knowledge that the professional plumber has will ensure that they are able to complete the plumbing in a small amount of time.

There are a number of reasons why you should look at hiring a plumber for your bathroom renovations.  Plumbers offer knowledge and expertise that you will not have.

If you are looking for a plumber to help with your bathroom renovation in West Auckland or on the North Shore,, try Heron Plumbing. They have been operating in the area for many years and have a well-trained staff and a number of plumbers operating around the region.

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An Auckland Lawyer Can Help When You Want To Buy A Business

Buying a business is a huge and exciting step to take. However, it is also very risky not just from the business perspective but there are also many potential legal potholes or trips that you could fall foul of. Therefore, before you sign any documents, you should consult an Auckland lawyer to help buy a business. If you want to find out how a lawyer can help when you decide to buy a business, then read the rest of this article.

Lawyer for purchasing a business in AucklandOne of the ways a lawyer can help buy a business is determining whether or not assets that are being included in the sale can legally be sold to you. There are various issues that may prevent you from acquiring assets that the business owner says will be a part of the sale. For example, if a business is leasing equipment or certain products, then they will not actually own them. The vendor they are leasing the equipment from owns them and, as the new owner of the business you, will have to take over the obligations and costs of that lease. This can create a mess if you decided to buy a business that had equipment included in the sale because there may be a chance that the equipment’s owner would repossess it.

If the business premises are leased, then the landlord may have to agree to the sale. The only way you will be able to find out is by viewing the current lease agreement between the business and the landlord of the property.  Property leases can be complex and are quite different from residential leases, so you could have difficulties understanding the agreement. By hiring a business lawyer, they can view the lease agreement and explain to you your rights and obligations. This alone can save you a potential disaster because the last thing you want to do is buy a business and have the landlord evict you because of the contract that was put into place before you even purchased the business.

The chances are you want to buy a specific business because the current owner claimed it was profitable, but you should never just take the business owner’s word for it. If the owner has said the company made profits throughout the last year or two, or whatever period they tell you, then have a lawyer and an accountant look into it. A good lawyer can obtain financial records and this will reveal whether or not the business owner is telling the truth. A business lawyer can help you avoid buying an enterprise that is not making a profit or worse, losing far more money than it is making.

When you buy a business, there will be a lot of paperwork involved. A business lawyer or one that specialises in helping people buy businesses, will help the business acquisition process go smoothly. They will look over the paperwork and make sure everything is being filled out properly before the deal is officially closed. This alone is one of the main reasons to hire a lawyer when you want to buy a business.

The legal fees involved in buying a business are probably the best investment you can make. It is money well-spent because you could be out of a lot more cash if you buy a business where the claims are not true or other legal issues arise after the purchase of the business. With that said, if you plan on buying a business, then hire a lawyer to help buy a business as soon as possible.

McVeagh Fleming

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Major Problems Renovating An Auckland Villa

Many homeowners prefer older homes to new ones for many reasons. Often the primary reason is the craftsmanship of builders of the house. Older homes are generally stronger compared to the modern homes. They have better floors and wood trims which have an antique value too.  It is not possible to create the patina that you get from old and well-used wood. The structure of such a home may feel more solid and settled than a modern home for that matter. But the problem arises when it comes to repairing and renovating an Auckland villa. An older home can present new challenges to the homeowner. Some of the major renovation problems for villas are discussed below.

Working on older homes may be more expensive if you are planning to maintain the authenticity of the original construction. This is one important factor that should be considered by anyone planning to renovate an old villa. There are many other challenges that should be faced if you are planning to renovate your home. Water, foundation cracks, electrical wiring and circuits, windows and even asbestos are some of the major ones which confront homeowners when looking at renovating an older place.

The moisture presence is one of the biggest challenges in renovating an Auckland villa. In Auckland people expect older houses to be damp but because of the climate. But over the years, the damp and rain can enter the wood itself which will ultimately lead to rot and decay of the timbers. Obviously this can lead to major problems with the wooden frames and structure of the house. This is despite some of the good old native timbers that have been used. If the building is not ventilated properly then moisture will stay inside the rooms and cause decay in the timber. Unfortunately, many old Auckland homes were constructed so that air flows were not built in to the structure which led to poor ventilation and the rot we often come across.

Renovating An Auckland VillaEven though old homes may have been built better than newer ones, their foundations will often not withstand the test of time. Older homes that have been in existence for more than 40-50 years will not have foundation sealants on the outside. This is one problem the homeowner will have to face when it comes to renovating older homes today. Cracked foundations are another common issue in renovating this type of home. The concrete piles decay over time and it is very common to see foundation pilings that are cracked or worse have pieces of concrete fallen away.  Repairing the foundation pillars is a difficult job, one which a keen amateur is unlikely to be able to accomplish.

The other major challenge is in renovating the electric circuits of an older home. In the good old days, grounded electrical outlets were not required by code, or they were only required where water was present such as kitchens and bathrooms. But now the regulations have changed. If you are not sure whether the outlets were grounded, you will have to check it first. It is always better to get an electrician to verify this. In fact, any electrical work should only be carried out by a qualified electrical service company or a sub-contractor to a villa renovation builder.

The windows are the other factor that should be taken into consideration when renovating an older house. The old single-pane windows are hard to find and quite expensive. Plus, as you are renovating the house you might as well take advantage of modern glazing standards and install the latest double-glazing windows which are much more energy efficient.  Installing new windows is difficult job since you need to ensure that the space is supported while the window frame is removed and the new one put in its place.

These are some of the major challenges that will surface when you try to renovate an older home. There are other issues such as water tanks, the style of the cabinets in the kitchen, how much space is wasted due to too many walls and many other aspects you inherit from older buildings.

As you can see, renovating an Auckland villa is not s simple building job that any contractor can handle. You need to talk to a villa renovations company. They can help you through the renovation process from the design to the final redecorating. You can find more details at their website.  This is why, you need to consult a villa renovation specialist and get a comprehensive estimate from any major villa renovations builder in Auckland.


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Commercial Real Estate Finance For Your First Property Development

Have you ever wanted to be a commercial property developer? This is a highly lucrative area in which the opportunities are vast. If you have the ability and knowledge, people can earn millions of dollars by developing commercial property. Below are a few issues to bear in mind when looking for commercial real estate finance.

The numbers behind successful property development

If you have a piece of land or rundown property you want to develop, it is imperative that you do research on the property’s profit potential. Is it near an access road? Are there apartments nearby?

Finance for property development projects

Property development financierFunding for redevelopment projects is usually calculated by estimating the increased value of the development and then borrowing against that forecast. Funding can be released in various ways including as staged payments over time or on completion of various stages in the project. An individual may obtain finance for a proportion of the loan to value however this will depend on the details of the project, the developer’s experience, the location and the nature of the project. This article will provide details on the different options available to financing property development projects.

The main aspect of property development is of course, how you are going to further develop the property so that it becomes more valuable and you can sell for a profit. Renovation costs rarely stay within a planned budget, so always have “buffer” money for any additional expenses that may crop up. You will need to plan for the cost of the actual raw materials, labour costs, storage and removal of debris from the work site.

There is no guarantee that a property development scheme will be profitable. In fact, many are not and this makes property development finance a greater risk than most other investments. This is the reason that lenders approach the field of development finance with great caution and need to be very well convinced about the feasibility of the project and just as importantly, the capabilities of the developer.

Finding a good building contractor to renovate your property is another hurdle you shall have to cross. You should never arbitrarily choose a contractor and start working with them – this is a sure fire way to fail. Instead, use highly recommended building firms that have been vetted from people you know and trust.

A mezzanine finance

The mezzanine finance is also known as a second-charge loan or subordinated debt, which is placed beneath the aforementioned senior debt loan. This type of loan (the mezzanine finance) is similar to a short-term bridging loan as it enables financial funding of a construction project while the developer’s capital is invested elsewhere. Unfortunately this makes the loan a greater risk with high monthly interest rates, but the loan can represent values of up to 90% or 100%. The mezzanine loan is most suited to refurbishments and renovation projects.

This is not tax or legal advice but one idea might be, in order to avoid high taxes on your profit, you can set up a company. The taxes for small companies are usually lower than personal income tax rates. If you do not set up a company, you will be charged income taxes. But income taxes aside, there are other advantages to setting up a company for your property development project, among others, tax reduction schemes and grants. Again, seek qualified legal and accounting advice on this aspect.


In summary, developing commercial property is a very profitable activity if done correctly. Once you have the appropriate commercial real estate finance for developing property you will be well on your way to being a commercial developer. For details on commercial real estate finance in NZ, try this, Global Pacific Finance.



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Commercial Lenders – Comparing The Different Types Available

development finance company NZ

development finance company NZ

Starting a new commercial project in the near future? Looking for an Auckland corporate lender that can help you out? Once you have become an established business in your community, and you have a good reputation for starting and completing projects on a regular basis, you will likely have no need of looking for lenders unless you are trying to save on interest rate. For those that are starting out, and have never worked with a lending institution before, this really is the most difficult part of the entire process. Your ability to get the money that you need to complete the projects that you have decided to start is what will allow you to become successful in this industry. Regardless of your expertise, and your knowledge of what needs to be guided order to complete these construction projects, you always need to have a reliable source of funding so that you can start working as quickly as possible.

Choosing From The Many Different Corporate Lenders

As you can probably guess, there are quite a few different lending institutions that are keen on working with commercial project developers. The larger the project, the more sizable the loan will be, and depending upon the interest rates that they will charge, they stand to make a considerable amount of money. If your project is large, that means that you will have a lot of collateral to offer in regard to backing the loan itself. By applying to the many different companies that are out there, you can often find excellent deals, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on the loans that you obtain by simply taking the time to get multiple quotes. The different types of lending companies that will work with you include banks, commercial finance companies, portfolio lenders and private lenders.

Qualifying For The Best Deals

The amount of money that you are able to qualify for has a lot to do with your current credit standing. Additionally, if you have worked with a commercial construction project development team in the past, the reputation of that company can sometimes carry over, allowing you to more easily qualify then someone just walking in off the street. To qualify, your credit needs to be good, and you need to have a sound business project in mind, one that caters to the many different commercial lenders that are available today. So whether you are working with non-tank lenders, life companies that can offer fixed long-term rates, or one of the many commercial mortgage companies that are out there, you should be able to find one that is willing to work with you and offer you a reasonable interest rates.

Evaluating The Different Companies

In the same way that these companies will evaluate you, you should also evaluate them. Consider their reputation amongst those that you work with in this industry. Check out feedback that you can find on the web that has been posted by actual contractors in the past. All of this social and official proof that you can find will lead you to working with the best company for the project or projects that you are completing this year.

How To Find Them Fast

Obviously, the fastest way to find the best Auckland corporate lender is to talk to someone that you know and trust that is used one of these companies before. They can tell you the interest rates that they will charge, and how quickly finding will actually occur, helping you make the right decision. If you don’t have the benefit of someone that you know providing you with a personal recommendation, you’re going to have to use the Internet, the phone book, or even the classified newspaper to locate several companies, submit your applications, and choose the one that offers you the best deal.

Once all of the hard work is out of the way which includes evaluating the Auckland corporate lender companies you will work with, finding one that will work with you, and getting low-interest rates, you will be able to quickly get your projects going, and completed on time, making this a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

One Auckland based corporate lender is Global Pacific. You can find more details on their website. http://www.globalpacific.co.nz

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Finding Finance In Auckland For Commercial Real Estate Development


development finance lenders Auckland

Image Supertrooper

If you are a new to property development and are venturing into the commercial real estate market for the first time, it can be very difficult for you to obtain funding resources to finance your real estate project. This is because financiers need to have trust in new borrowers that they will pay the interest during the life of the loan (this is known as servicing the debt) and at the end of the project that the money will be repaid on the scheduled date. Clearly, without a proven track record, this makes it very difficult to secure any adequate commercial real estate development finance. But without finance the project will never happen. It is a bit of a Catch 22 situation for new property developer. However challenging it may to obtain funding, it is much easier for an individual to secure commercial real estate development finance provided the following tips are adhered to.


Assessing Commercial Development And Finance

The initial step towards successful financing of your commercial real estate project is the identification of an area that has opportunities for you to invest in. With the real estate market being very wide, it is important for anyone but especially new developers to find a part of the market they can focus on. For example, do you want to develop retail units, office blocks, distribution warehouses or residential apartment blocks? It is important that you answer this and then learn about the ins and outs of the different types of building. This can help you with analysing your property development options. Once you have identified the type of building you want to develop, then you can look for a location that will provide you with a good profit from the project. Some suburbs will be more suited to certain types of commercial property. This should be obvious from simply looking around the area and seeing what else is in the locality. You can also talk to commercial real estate agents and ask them what is needed in the area or what will be more profitable. Through this step alone, you improve your chances of making a profitable and successful property development career.

Researching Development Finance Options In Auckland

Once you have identified the best area and type of building for you to invest in, then it is important to start investigating your sources of finance. Many new real estate investors often find themselves confused and quite unsure of where to source the necessary funds for their real estate projects. If you thought the residential mortgage market was complicated, wait until you start looking into commercial property financing. There are many different types of finance ranging from commercial mortgages to joint ventures and lots of variations in between. You need to talk to professionals who can explain the benefits and disadvantages of each type of financing arrangement.

One of the most common funding options where you can obtain real estate development finance is by taking a commercial mortgage on the property. This is a similar form of funding to residential mortgages in that you borrow money for a given period of time with regular interest payments made and the property held as security by the lender. However, there are some significant differences. For one, you will need a bigger deposit, often up to 40 per cent of the purchase price. This is because the risks area higher for the lender so they want to minimise their exposure. The length of the loan will be much less too. Commercial mortgages are typically between ten and fifteen years. However, it is usually possible to roll this over or to get another mortgage at the end if the building is producing sufficient revenue to cover the interest payments. For real estate development projects as opposed to investment in an existing building, you can also expect that the funding will be made in stages as different aspects of the building are completed. This is because in the first place, the security against the loan i.e. the building will not be worth a great deal. But as more stages are completed, the value will go up and so the lenders will be willing to loan more money against the securitised asset.

Another way through which you can access funding for your real estate project is by obtaining a loan. Most of the large financial organisations and banks lend their clients development finance for repayment at a later date. Obtaining a loan for your real estate development can be a very good stepping stone for a successful real estate investing. The good thing about taking a loan for a real estate investment is that repaying of the loan is usually very easy. Once you have build your real estate, you can decide to sell it out at a cost that will pay back the loan or rent it out so as to pay your loan in instalments. A loan can be a very powerful way for you to finance your real estate project.

Finalising Commercial Real Estate Development

development finance lender NZAfter you have obtained sufficient funds, it is important to also take a look at the real estate market. You should not go blindly into commercial real estate development since you might face too much competition that can deter you from succeeding in the field. You can identify a market gap and maximise on it for a successful real estate investment.

New and experienced commercial property developers can find Auckland development finance by following some basic steps. For new developers in particular, they need to be willing to take advice from the experienced people in the industry. This is especially the case when it comes to the financing of the project. Seasoned commercial finance brokers like Global Pacific Corporation, have lots of knowledge about many different types of commercial real estate development and how to fund the various projects. Their knowledge can be invaluable so be prepared to listen to their financial advice.

If the above techniques are properly taken into account, finding development finance for commercial real estate can become a lot easier.

For more information, take a look at this website http://www.globalpacific.co.nz.

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How to Get The Best Commercial Mortgage Deals in NZ

Given that a loan for an industrial or business premises is usually of considerable size, it is absolutely understandable why borrowers want to get the best commercial mortgage deals in NZ they can. Even half a point can make a huge difference which becomes even more important on higher loans. Unfortunately, looking for competitive rates means that you will have to offer your broker or lender means that you will need to provide an extensive amount of information to present your case which will give them a higher degree of confidence in you. It is only after they have gone through this lengthy process that they may consider offering you a better deal on your commercial mortgage interest rate.

NZ commercial mortgage company

NZ commercial mortgage company – image khunaspix

While this answer may not be the direct or simple solution you were hipping for, none the less, the more information and supporting data you can provide to any potential lender, the stronger your case will be. In short, a lender wants to have a good feeling that they will be able to get their money back. To get this confidence they want to see that borrowers have thoroughly done their home work on the project they want funding for. They also want to see that the business is growing, meeting forecasts and that there are no major surprises in the business results. Surprisingly, a sudden unforeseen jump in profits can cause a sense of unease with some lenders. This is because they wonder why the business did not foresee this happening. And if they did not see a wave of profits coming, what else are they missing?

However, it is important to keep in mind that these banks and lenders will ask you for quite a few documents before deciding to offer you their best rates. After all, it is important to know everything about the company and people that obtain that loan.

It is a general rule that the absolute best rates are available for those business owners that have no negative issues in their credit history. If there are any discrepancies, then having documents to explain these will help your case.

If you are borrowing to finance an expansion of your business then you need to be able to show why you think you can grow, where the growth will come from and the risks the company faces. It is better to be realistic and talk about risks than to hide them from potential lenders. This shows you understand your market and the inherent challenges of being in business.

If you want to buy the building that you use to carry out your business to save expenditure on rent, then you need to be able to show that your business can support the mortgage repayments. These may well be higher than the current rent. This article talks about the comparison between renting and buying your business premises. You also need to have access to the down payment which can sometimes be as high as 35% of the buildings valuation i.e. you can only get a mortgage for 65%.

Commercial mortgages in NZ

Commercial mortgages in NZ

Property investors are also frequent borrowers for commercial mortgages in Auckland. They need to show that the rental cash flows are sufficient to cover the mortgage repayments. This may be interest only as this is a common type of mortgage for commercial borrowing purposes.

What do commercial mortgage lenders look for?

Here are a few tips that will show you what lenders are interested in:

  1. Profitable business: meaning that the company made a profit in the past 3 years.
  2. Verifiable financial information: annual accounts prepared by professional accountants, and if possible, all filled at the Companies House.
  3. Good credit history: meaning that all loans are paid and there are no late payments to any of the company’s suppliers.
  4. Background and CVs of the directors or business owners.
  5. In case of an investment property, lenders are looking to see a well established formal lease and a responsible tenant. The income must absolutely cover the mortgage payments.

NZ commercial mortgage deals video

The above are examples of some of the criteria and documentation that you will need to provide in order to be considered for the absolute lowest mortgage rates. Remember that, if you are looking for the lowest rates, you should be prepared to offer your lender all the above documents before expecting to receive an answer.

Commercial mortgage deals - image xedos4

Commercial mortgage deals – image xedos4

Without a doubt, some businesses are able to arrange some excellent commercial mortgages and as a result to enjoy somewhat lower rates of interest and hence much lower overall interest payments over the life of the mortgage loan. However to achieve this , they have to run thorough market research into the potential lenders. The problem with this approach is that it takes a lot of time and you are already busy running your business. So what is the answer? How can you get the best commercial mortgage deals in NZ?

The easiest way to get the best the best mortgage deals in Auckland

The solution is to go to a broking firm, someone like Global Pacific Finance. They have contacts with many different lenders, some banks, some private and others that are secondary market lenders. They will be able to negotiate on your behalf to find the best commercial mortgages deals in NZ that suit your particular circumstances.



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Mezzanine Finance Offers NZ Borrowers Lots of Flexibility


Mezzanine finance is a loan that uses the equity interests of the borrower to give security to the pledged amount. The borrower has to be an owner of the pledged equity and this form of financing is very common in real estate to help developers to complete projects or other deals. It is also use in operating businesses.


Mezzanine financing is considered similar to a second mortgage which is normally secured by a fraction of the ownership in any property. A mezzanine finance loan is secured by the stock of the borrowing company and leads to fewer legal problems of it being acquired or taken over. They are entered into only when the borrower has ownership of the property, and if it is an income producing property, this income can be used to pay off the loan. This makes mezzanine finance a very popular method by which landlords, owners of office buildings or other commercial property, obtain additional finance.


Mezzanine finance, if properly structured, can help a borrower to acquire all the needed funding for buying out an acquisition. It must be properly structured and all financial presentations must be made to the lenders to convince them of the viability of the project. Lenders who offer such finance pay more attention to the credit worthiness of a company and its ability to maintain a stable cash flow. They are more concerned with getting back the principal loaned out and get their returns through any interest rates charged, and any returns on the dividends of the equity pledged with them. The loan does not have to be protected by any assets, and lenders are partial to companies that produce stable cash flows that do not go through any cyclical variations.


Providers of mezzanine finance in NZ depend on the management of the borrowing companies to produce the necessary cash flows that can ensure repayment of the loan amount and interest. They will therefore not have any interest in taking on a management role, even though they do have a lien on the equity and will wait patiently for the loan period to lapse before taking any other action. These loans are normally provided for periods of 1 to 7 years. Personal guarantees are rarely asked for. However, interest rates are higher than a bank loan but this is the price to cover any risks to the lender. Loan amounts are limited to a multiple of the earning before tax, and the lower the multiple the greater are the chances of getting such loans on advantageous terms.


Businesses use this method of financing to launch new products, expansion of markets or even to acquire new businesses or properties. A common usage is for mezzanine finance for property development. Payments of loan amounts obtained against mezzanine finance are not required to be paid till the loan period matures, and this does allow a business to reinvest any cash flow generated and not use it to return part of the capital. Mezzanine lenders do not interfere in the running of a business, even in difficult times, and as such owners of a business never lose its control. The amount available through mezzanine finance are also substantially higher than other loans based on cash flow, and this does give a business owner a far bigger scope for facilitating expansion and growth.

Description of mezzanine financing

Mezzanine financing is more expensive than first mortgage financing and returns are generated from participating in the equity of a project. Interest payments on this financing have to take a preference over any distributions made against equity. It is possible to push all payments to dates nearing maturity, in which case a greater amount of equity may have to be given up. In such cases interest payments do get compounded and add substantially to the amounts due.


Mezzanine finance AucklandMezzanine financing allows companies that have a strong historical performance to use the leverage of this efficiency to get large amounts of money to further help growth and profitability. It can be one in which regular interest is paid periodically, added on to the loan amount to be made out as a balloon payment at the end of the loan period, or where the lender is given an option to convert the amount into equity. This gives the borrowing entity far more flexibility than a bank loan or by selling an equity stake at the beginning of the arrangement. Returns for these lenders are between 18 and 21% and they do offer loans that can go as high as 90 percent of the actual requirement for a project.


Obviously with numbers like these both sides are going to benefit. The borrower has more flexibility and the lender makes a healthy return.


Among the top mezzanine finance companies in NZ is Global Pacific Finance. They are located in Auckland but do provide funding services across New Zealand. They have provide funding for business expansion, property development and financing the purchase of capital equipment among many others. If you need flexible commercial finance in NZ, take a look at mezzanine finance today.


Click here for details of the Global Pacific finance options.

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The Benefits of Getting Asset and Equipment Finance for NZ Businesses

Businesses start small but they will need additional resources if they are to grow. A start-up will often be financed by spare cash from the business owner but growing after the initial starting phase can be a challenge. Cash is usually tight in most businesses so the idea of buying new plant or machinery from the cash reserves is often not an option. The best answer is to look at a funding concept called asset or equipment finance in NZ.

Asset backed finance is a very common method of financing your business growth. It offers access to financial aid without placing any major restrictions on the business or the owner of that firm. Instead the finance company will take a charge over the asset itself. The main benefit of this is that if the company does not meet its repayments, rather than the business or the owner’s home being at threat, the financier will simply take back the asset.

Of course this will have some knock-on effects to the business but it is by n means as catastrophic as forcing the business into liquidation or losing your home.

Requirements for equipment finance

Just as with any other financial mechanism, the business owner will have to prepare and submit various reports and forms. These will vary from one lender to another but in most cases you will find that they will want to see the following documents:

  • Personal financial statements
  • Tax returns
  • Management profile
  • Detailed business plan
  • Plan of the intend use of the funding

The missing piece is finance in 3d puzzlesIt is important to remember that it does not matter how serious or convinced you area about the potential of your project, the lender is the one that needs to be sure. They will have many requests for their limited pool of money that they can lend. So the business plan with the best case will be the one that gets the approval to go ahead.

Therefore, you must complete and provide the information that the funding institution asks for in the manner that they want to see it. If you deviate from their request you are making your chances of asset financing a bit more difficult. The rule is simple; play their game according to their rules.

Typical uses of equipment finance in NZ

Businesses have all sorts of different needs for financing. The projects will depend upon the size of the company, its stage of development, the competition and the level of activity in that market.

Some common requests for asset finance include:-

  • Production equipment
  • Trucks and vehicles
  • Plant
  • Business equipment like new computers
  • Farming equipment
  • Construction machinery
  • Packaging machines
  • And many more

Points to note about equipment finance

Asset finance has many advantages over other forms of financing. We mentioned above that the lender does not take any security over the company or the business owner’s house. Instead the asset itself is the security that they lender will take.

There may be some tax advantages by taking a form of asset finance compared to other loans. Be sure to talk to your accountants to have them look at the tax implications. They can advise you on how this will impact your bottom line and your balance sheet. Talk to them before you progress too far down the track of getting business finance.

Often the borrower can set some relatively favourable terms for repayment. This can be in terms of the repayment period or the monthly repayment costs. However, do bear in mind that the longer the loan period or the lower the repayments, the more you will pay in the end.

Asset finance loans can be processed and approved in a reasonably quick time frame, mostly within 24hours.

The prospects of getting some asset financing may not be affected by previous bad credit. This is because the lender is taking the asset as security and as long as you make the payments, they are happy. However, the equipment finance company may apply higher interest rates.

Equipment financing NZFinding equipment finance in NZ

There are numerous companies which provide different forms of asset finance in NI. Some are attached to the big mains while others like Marac offer their own products. To give you more flexibility and a better range of options for asset equipment finance in NZ, look instead at independent commercial finance companies like Global Pacific. They work with various funding sources and provide finance in a lot of diverse industries. They are a good first option.

Their website is www.globalpacific.co.nz/.

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